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The World's First Ergonomic Ice Cream Scoop?


The ice cream scoop's basic features haven't changed much in over a century. It's design is so taken for granted, in fact, that it literally took a rocket scientist to improve upon it. Michael Chou is an aerospace engineer and the inventor behind the Midnight Scoop, an ergonomic scoop that is angled so that it requires minimal effort to use. Midnight Scoop raised almost 10 times its funding goal in a recent Kickstarter campaign and will be on the market in time for the holidays. Pre-order now for $50.

Creator Michael Chou took the ergonomically flawed design of the typical ice cream scoop, and angled it and added a...
The curved handle straightens your wrist and forces you to push the scoop with your palm, which uses your chest and arm...
The scoop is made of solid 6061 aluminum alloy, a compound you’ll find on parts used in aerospace and boat construction.
The first ice cream scoop, or “mold and disher,” dates back to 1897.
The Midnight Scoop’s front tip is thin and designed to slice through freezer-hardened ice cream without heat.
It’s available in four colors: a black called Ebony, gun-metal Graphite, white Moonstone, and Natural, which is the...

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