Collection by Sara Ost

The Windows Have It


From classic, cool glass swaths to a glowing semi-opaque wall to a crowning oculus of light, we've rounded up a selection of some of the most distinctive and diverse windows from homes featured in Dwell.

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When Jeff Taylor and Alex Miller designed the Pull House in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, they took “form follows...
The Pine Plains, New York, home of Elise and Arnold Goodman boasts 48 windows, the largest of which measures 8'6'' by...
Architect Lorcan O’Herlihy created a residence for himself and his wife, Cornelia, in Venice, California.
The screen shifts between being opaque and semitransparent.
Keisha Martin and her cousin, Mickeda, chat underneath the house’s crowning glory, the oculus, which allows light to...
Los Angeles–based graphic designer Chris Loomis created a trio of window decals for the house’s three bathrooms.
“I didn’t want the kind of manicured garden that would mean I’d have to come out on weekends and mow the lawn,” says...
Raymond takes a break on the master bedroom’s interior balcony, which is cantilevered over the dining area.
Like most Northern California homes built in the 1960s, the Burnett residence originally acted like a sieve, letting...
Only the rear of the house suggests the building’s earlier incarnation as a 1960s bungalow, and even here the original...
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