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The Prefab Glamping Experience You've Been Waiting For


Produced by the Slovenian company Lushna, these tiny structures can quickly provide all the shelter and comfort of a modern cabin.

Lushna offers a range of prefab options, including a sauna module, bathroom module, and many different sleeping units. Seen here is the Villa Air: an 110 square-feet of space for a king-sized bed that comes with mosquito nets, waterproof organic cotton canvas covering, lighting, and AC/DC plugs. The floor is spruce and the A-frame is larch. The Villa Massive, seen here, is rugged sleeping unit that features a large triangular window and larch shingles. Unlike the Villa Air, it also comes with a ventilation system and exterior LED lighting. The units don't even require foundations—simple ground screws from Krinner are enough to support them. Lushna's dwellings are available in Europe and the U.S., though for customers in the latter, prices can vary based on shipping costs and taxes. The baseline price of Villa Massive, seen here, is approximately $9,375. The canvas-lined Villa Air's is $4,453. To see Lushna's full range of products, visit their website here.

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