Collection by Aaron Britt

The Glass Awning


Last month architect Jenda Michl of Vertu Studio in Los Angeles completed a lovely bit of work on his parents' house in Boulder, Colorado. A project that began as a sculptural glass awning turned into a custom screen door as well, and now a few years after getting underway the pair are finally finished and looking strong. Michl, who I've had the pleasure of getting to know at Dwell on Design over the last two years, shares the story of the spanking new entryway of his boyhood home. All photos by Daniel O'Connor.

This close-up view really gives you a sense of the awning's purpose: The four glass planes and metal hardware affixed...
The awning itself, affixed to the facade of the mid-1960s house, is comprised of four pieces of fused, 3/8" thick,...
Looking down from above you can see the hovering grace of the awning.
Michl's awning was devised to replace a previous wooden one that blocked views of the nearby mountains.
Michl told me that after he'd completed the awning his mother, fed up with what was on the market, resigned herself to...
Here's the...
The door itself is made of white oak and was fabricated by a friend.

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