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The Future of Mobility


Dwell's discussion with Volvo at the Palm Springs Museum during Modernism Week touched on the past but revolved heavily around the future. Automobiles limited to combustion engine technology face an uncertain future, and automakers are looking to new technologies for both hybrid and electric models, and even further into what an automobile can be to the driver, and how the concept of driving will be redefined in the coming years. "We’re creating a whole new architecture for the car," says Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz of the Volvo Monitoring Center in Los Angeles. On the topic of moving toward the goal of having fewer cars on the road, Tylman-Mikiewicz notes, "Car sharing will make a lot of sense in the near future.” This concept, offered in "people-mover" scenarios conceptualized by the likes of Buckminster Fuller (with his Dymaxion) and architect Ray Kappe for 1970s Los Angeles, have not come to fruition, which leaves us to question why.

Progressive thinkers like Buckminster Fuller have been trying to "futurize" our mobility for decades.
Panelists, from left, architect Alvin Huang, Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz from Volvo, columnist and architecture critic Greg...
Quite fittingly, during Modernism Week the Palm Springs Art Museum was celebrating its Into the Future exhibition,...
Volvo will launch the world’s first city pilot with autonomous cars, and will have 100 self-driving vehicles on the...
Volvo has integrated into its test cars Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with full auto brake, Lane Departure Warning...
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