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The Future of Architecture by Pieterjan Grandry


The future of architecture is no new concept for reflection. Frank Lloyd Wright wrote a book about it, published in 1970, and before that Walter Gropius can be heard articulating his theories on the fate of industry in this sound bite on Ubu Web. But Pieterjan Grandry of Crap is Good (see the special report on bloggers in the September 2013 issue) has initiated a new conversation, opening the platform to contemporary participants—to all who study, build, take shelter in, and/or experience architecture on a daily basis, which is safe to say, most of all of us. The variety of answers in the first volume (published 2012) range from philosophical observations on society to abstract visual interpretations, all submitted in answer to the open call as well by invitation. Volume II is currently open to submissions until September 1, 2013. To participate in this project, please send your answer through The Future of.

The cover of What is the future of architecture? by Pieterjan Grandry.
"Context, style, image,…are all inventions by man," says urban researcher Thomas Cattrysse in his essay arguing the...
Wouter De Raeve says that the future of "…social architecture will digest consumer-oriented architectural and urban...
The collaborative submission from Sylvain Martet and Mathieu Lambert is an ongoing project called Striplands.
Carlos Romo Melgar answers as a "newcomer architect…on behalf of a group that is in charge of changing things…"...