Collection by Diana Budds

The Dwell Guide to Smart Design in Tiny Spaces


Tight quarters prove especially challenging. If you're at a loss on how to squeeze the most out of your small space, consider the expert advice and furniture picks that will help your bantam-sized rooms feel like design heavyweights—no mirror tricks necessary.

Landscape architect Tait Moring installed pavers around the structure’s perimeter and kept the tree cover intact.
PATH partnered with local woodworkers Benjamin Klebba, of Phloem Studio, and Bren Reis, of Earthbound Industries, to...
Furniture that folds flat, like the Profile Chair, all but disappears when not in use.
Architect Philip Ryan placed fluorescent bulbs that mimic daylight in the ceiling alcove of his Brooklyn apartment.
The sink and faucet—notice their reflection in the glass—are by Mora Armatur.
TT by Ron Gilad for Adele-C,...
Brooklyn architect Tim Seggerman designed and built what he calls a “crafted jewel box”.
Goolrick designed sliding partitions that when closed still allow light to flow through her 560-square-foot space, and...
Designed in 1963 to match a similar molded plywood chair, these space-efficient nesting tables by Grete Jalk have been...
"It's all about creating cozy spaces, but deliberately so. Design, especially in a small space, should feel intentional.