Collection by Marianne Colahan

The Design Lover's Ornament: Hang These Typographic Symbols From Your Tree


These holiday ornaments from font foundry House Industries are defined by their graphic composition. Launched in 1994, the Delaware-based company is one of the most prolific typography houses in the world. Consistently creating innovative fonts, the company has made a considerable impact on the world of design via advertisements, logos, and multimedia work. House Industries artists also designs products that reflect a genuine love of typography and design.

Crafted from anodized aluminum, each House Industries ornament in this limited edition series celebrates a treasured...
House Industries’ Ampersand Ornament is an elegant take on the classic symbol.
The anodized aluminum Arrow Ornament represents a physical arrow, and also celebrates the idea of direction and forward...
This Pen Nib Ornament from House Industries has a decidedly retro feel.
The playful Koi Fish Ornament will add personality to a Christmas tree.
X marks the spot with House Industries’ X Ornament.
Not only representative of the typographical symbol, this Double-Dagger Ornament also celebrates the idea of...