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The App That Helps You Easily Envision Your Next Remodel


It's the gift we attribute to architects and designers: to see a room and imagine new possibilities for color, light, and of course, furniture. Thanks to a new tech startup, Pair, anyone with an iPad or iPhone can—quite literally—rapidly visualize furniture in any space.

To learn more about Pair, you can visit their website and their blog. To download pair, check out their iTunes page.

Pair's premise is simple: open the app on your iPhone or iPad, aim its camera to the room, select a furniture model,...
That's where Pair's founder and CEO, Andrew Kemendo, was stationed as an Air Force officer.
Pair's database includes over 400 3D models, each of which can be placed into your room within a half-inch of precision.
Users can conveniently pruchase furniture through the app, making for a smooth planning-to-shopping experience.
According to Kemendo, "the sky's the limit to see something in a space." Cars and fireplaces might a future market,...

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