TEXTILE NO. natural and multifunctional everyday textiles


TEXTILE NO. is a brand by Danish textile artist Karin Carlander. She works with functional textiles, because she thinks that the objects we handle in connection with everyday chores and activities should hold artistic value. TEXTILE NO. by karin carlander is based on three simple principles: sustainability, multifunctionality and a mix-and-match colour palette. All the textiles in the collection are woven or crocheted of 100% European linen spun from flax naturally grown in France.

The name TEXTILE NO. has roots in the system of numbers that are widely used to indicate the thickness of the yarn and...
The size of the textiles relates to a number; for example No. 6 measures 150 x 100 cm, No. 9 50 x 25 cm etc.
In her work, Karin Carlander reinterprets traditional Nordic crafts and the use of textiles for practical everyday...
In March 2016, TEXTILE NO. became a certified member of Masters of Linen an exclusive club, who guarantee 100% European...
All the textiles in the collection have woven selvedges as an important reference to hand-weaving and the artistic...
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