Collection by Luke Hopping

Teensy Tiny Dwellings


By "tiny," we don't mean cramped cottages or starter apartments. We mean houses the size of parking spots. These six dwellings are on the cutting-edge of the micro-housing movement.

The result, which will be available commercially in early 2015, is a teardrop-shaped caravan that can be towed behind a...
Brian Levy, Tony Gilchriest, and Jay Austin (left to right), are creating the Boneyard Studios complex in Washington,...
The North American SCADpad includes about 300 repurposed vintage rulers.
Originally from Laos, Van Bo Le-Mentzel came to Germany as a refugee and faced one of the most common problems that...
Dubbed Hermitage 2, the concept was envisioned as a meditative space on the coast, with one half open to the ocean, and...
Jay Austin’s Matchbox house is only eight feet wide but feels bigger thanks to a well-organized interior.

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