Collection by Melissa Abel


Kenneth Tay : Synchrony A therapeutic music platform that helps parents and children with autism develop intimacy and...
Current Window - MARJAN VAN AUBEL Current Window is a modern version of stained glass — using current technologies.
A compact cam mechanism allows the cutting tool to make minute adjustments while you steer Origin in the direction of...
Marjan van Aubel's solar-powered charging tables and windows earned the designer a spot on our 2016 Young Guns list.
ARUP's SoundLab creates virtual sonic environments to help architects improve the acoustics of their buildings.
Fiona O’Leary created a prototype for her graduation project at the Royal College of Art.
the bookmark light by Kyouei Design is transformed through the click of a button.
The Punkt.
Eindhoven’s Massoud Hassani of Hassani Design BV emulated natural "technology" with his Mine Kafon, a low-tech landmine...
Plant-in City | Geological Frames Planters use embedded technologies that provide ambient and mobile interactivity.
KRAM/ WEISSHAAR | The SmartSlab TABLE features key SmartSlab functions such as through-panel touch control, heating,...
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