Collection by Luke Hopping

Surreal Structures that Will Make Your Head Spin


Even architects need to curb their rational sides once in a while. From a spectral synagogue in France to an outdoor optical illusion in San Francisco, these six structures are out of this world.

Christophe Berdaguer and Marie Péjus named their building “Gue(ho)st House” after Marcel Duchamp’s aphorism “A guest +...
In lieu of a traditional backyard, Faulders Studio in San Francisco invented the Deformscape: an 'outdoor room' that's...
William Massie relaxes inside the utterly unique interior of his America House 08.
Shigeru Ban, Cardboard...
An American architect in Paris experiments with Corbusian perceptions of interior and exterior space.
The Wintons commissioned Gehry after reading about his work in The New York Times in 1982.