Surprising Uses for Cinder Blocks


Cement blocks, commonly used to strengthen and insulate a building, are usually covered up. Left bare, they can also offer a minimalist variation on the traditional red brick theme.

Still life with IKEA lampshade and ventless fireplace.
The dining area features a distinctive cinder block fireplace.
For bedrooms that have windows, it can be challenging to place the bed so that it doesn't obstruct views.
The couple’s son Dylan and dog Petra enjoy the deck while Mary Kate and Thomas work in the kitchen below.
Anne Suttles waters the bamboo muhly, palo verde, strawberry tree, and magic carpet thyme thriving in their Austin yard.
A wall of burnished concrete block protectively isolates their indoor and outdoor living areas from the busy road.
The courtyard with its fire pit and infinity pond—extends the living area outdoors.
With neighboring duplexes supplying rental income, two Knoxville architects patiently—and affordably—craft their dream...