Collection by Chris Deam

Surf Shacks


Casual constructions with Neptune as the primary designer

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With little beach to speak of, sunbathing is confined to a craggy bit of rock just above the water at this house near…
San Geronimo State Beach, Crockett
Rob Sweeny
Ulrich Muther
Driftwood shelter built by hippies and surfers on Agate Beach, Bolinas, California during summer 1971. Photo by Walter…
Third Wave Kiosk / Tony Hobba Architects
Felipe Assadi, Remote House
Cape Cod
Norman Millar, and Judith Sheine - Architects. Sea Ranch, CA
Andrew Geller, Architect
WMR Arquitectos
WMR Arquitectos
Hotel Surazo, Chile. WMR Arquitectos
Paul Rudolph
Walker guest house, Paul Rudolph, architect.
Richard Meier, architect. Lambert beach house 1961
Craig Ellwood, architect
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