Collection by Stephanie Orma

Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light


What exactly does it mean to fully immerse oneself in art? In the most literal of terms, L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art invites us to dive right in and create some strokes of our own – swimming strokes to be precise. On view now through February 27th, Suprasensorial: Experiments in Light, Color, and Space features five large-scale art installations for viewers to enter into, become a part of, and actively experience on an über sensorial level – the highlight of which is a real swimming pool installed in the museum. Exhibitions on pioneering light-and-space artists have been an ongoing theme for MOCA, but never before have Latin American artists been included in this dialogue. Senior Curator, Alma Ruiz, aims to illuminate the work of these lesser-known but pivotal international artists, broaden our understanding of 20th century art from a more global perspective, and expose us to art far beyond passive aesthetic observation.

To see images of the project, please visit the slideshow.

“The idea of experiencing art with all our senses is really embodied in this particular installation,” Ruiz comments in...
Venezuelan artist Jesus Rafael Soto was fascinated by the idea of creating artwork that is experienced not in the...
Soto was inspired by the idea “drawing without paper” – which is another important theme represented throughout the...
Like Soto, artist Lucio Fontana was inspired by the idea of drawing in space and going beyond the two-dimensional.
Fontana’s light structure was originally created and installed in the foyer of a theatre.
Cromosaturacion is a culmination of the ground-breaking explorations of Venezuelan graphic designer and photographer,...
Rather than water or color, Julio Le Parc engulfs the viewer in a space of light and movement.