Collection by Andrea Smith

Such Great Heights: 7 Elevated Homes


From slight to great heights, these perched abodes tread lightly on the land.

In the winter, instead of floating over the pond, the hut sits lightly above the snow.
NOEM, a Barcelona-based architecture firm, created a metal-clad house for a young client just outside Madrid.
A screen porch runs the entire length of building, built over a dry creek bed on embedded concrete piers.
SYA used standing-seam metal for the rear cladding of the addition, a common local roofing material.
The resident, a Tokyo transplant, commissioned architect Tadashi Murai to create a fully-equipped structure that comes...
Architect Paul Hinkin and his partner, Chrissy Pearce, bought and restored a 538-square-foot Deckhouse at Emsworth...
With its bold, upswept profile, the roof gives this otherwise simple house its distinctive character.