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Studio Visit: Good Thing


A tour of the Brooklyn HQ of an emerging home accessories brand.

"We've been playing around with folded paper structures a lot.
A cardboard model of a side table that will be likely be manufactured in aluminum tubing.
"Its like a traffic jam of excitement," says Good Thing's Natalie Phillips of the brand's expansion, which entails...
Details of folded paper that the design team uses to test out ideas in 3D.
A custom shelving system holds selections of the brand's most popular pieces, including the General tray, bowl, and...
The office's decor mirrors the brand's colorful designs.
A cardboard prototype offers a visual cue of the brand's forthcoming foray into furniture.
Prototypes of a modular shelving system that uses slats to stack without extra bulk.
A trio of the brand's Easy mirrors and a group of Gather vases sit on a shelf in front of a large logo-branded mirror.
A paper prototype for a new tote bag incorporates the brand's speckled logo.
Designer and Good Thing founder Jamie Wolfond poses with the office mascot, Arthur.
Good Thing's Slim bookends, Spiral trivet set, Paper Display, and Field candle holders sit side-by-side on the colorful...