Streaming Light


“Streaming Light” is a recently constructed, unique home and sanctuary, located near La Veta Colorado, designed for peaceful seclusion and natural living. Streaming Light was created from local earth, wood & stone, integrated with the surrounding environment.

The curvilinear structure, built to the very highest quality levels available, has an open floorplan to allow the flow of energy around the different emotional zones. A series of nested cylinders with curved windows & doors allows a stream of light to flow through the home & create a diverse & dramatic panoramic view. The circular formation represents unity and wholeness.

The home was designed using natural building materials incorporating many green design features, including compressed earth bricks, 56 native sandstone rocks, natural soy based foam insulation & plaster, sustainably harvested wooden ceilings, etc. It incorporates innovative & modern technologies such as an in-floor rill, electro thermal in-floor heating, light differentiated glass windows and a drip system garden.

The decks yield panoramic mountain and dyke views, and the property hosts an abundance of wildlife, including bobcats, elk and deer.

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