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Stay in Bed a Little Longer and Brew Your Coffee from Your Smartphone


While the modern kitchen grows smarter and smarter, the technology behind the coffee maker remains fairly rudimentary. A collaboration between Belkin and Mr. Coffee is aiming to change that. Together they've engineered a technology that allows users to control the brewing process remotely from their smartphones, using the WeMo app. The WeMo-enabled coffee maker is available now for $150.

Timer-activated coffee makers have been around for years, so it's almost hard to believe it took this long to make the...
You can set the schedule up to a week in advance, and get push notifications when a fresh pot is ready.
At just under 15 inches tall, it takes up some counter real estate.
The device has two physical buttons: one to start/stop the brewing or cleaning cycle, and another to link the machine...
The decanter holds up to ten cups of coffee and can keep the contents warm for two hours after brewing.
At $150, you pay a premium for being able to control the device from your phone — for comparison, a regular...

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