Collection by Luke Hopping

Statement-Making Trellises


These seven trellises contribute shade and passive cooling while making a bold impression.

The house incorporates a variety of wood finishes, all in the same general color palette: unfinished ipe for the pool...
Tack Architects designed the house to frame views of the surrounding landscape.
Galvanized sheetmetal chimney cladding, a steel trellis and steel railings bring modern details and materials to the...
Above the front patio, the de-signers created a trellis of Ipe, a Brazilian hardwood.
A trellis made of ipe was designed to shade the interior from high summer sun; it’s one of several passive...
A second green roof is planted with sedum and plays host to one of the family’s favorite spots: a hammock.
Much of the home’s design is based around a large, structural steel trellis supported by the second floor balcony.