Collection by Erika Heet

Spiral Staircases


Somewhere between the Villa Savoye and shag-carpeted condos in Mammoth, the spiral staircase lost its way. Architects have brought it back in as an efficient, space-saving way of getting from here to there. Here are our favorites from our pages.

The spiral stairs were fabricated in the Bay Area and shipped in the same container as the furniture.
Ran and her brother, Gen, read on one of the structure’s 44 continuous steps.
The master bedroom on the fifth floor boasts a circular dome ceiling.
A steel spiral staircase efficiently links all three floors.
The trip from garage to first floor is through a wood-clad spiral staircase that resembles a giant slatted barrel.
A spiral staircase descends from the glass deck to the rain garden, which replaced a concrete pad.
Behind an unassuming 19th-century facade in Singapore, Ching Ian and Yang Yeo live in a very atypical renovation of a...
Ab Rogers dons a bold suit that suits the spirit of the accompanying decor he designed.