Collection by Zachary Edelson

Space-Saving Designs in 6 Modern Homes


From elaborate built-ins to simple storage tricks, these dwellings offer object lessons in maximizing the use of space.

As they open, they fold and stack flush.
Architect Christi Azevedo deployed Ikea cabinetry in the kitchen (left), which spans almost the entirety of the...
When it’s time to eat or do homework, the adults lower the tabletop, revealing a dozen book cubbies.
All it takes is gentle downward pressure to lower the desk to the floor, bringing the kid-size mattress into position...
A drop-down countertop conceals dishware and other kitchen belongings.
The cabinet under the built-in desk opens to reveal a fold-out bed for guests.
"Architecture helps influence the mood and set the scene," architect Jon Handley of Pulltab Design says.