Collection by Luke Hopping

Sophisticated Home Bars


Bend an elbow with us at these very local watering holes.

You push it at either side and the center pivoting-door reveals a cool bar behind.
The kitchen takes on a gallery feel. “I’ve got art on the kitchen counter.
Dan Pacek, left, and John Roynon prepare cocktails at their 12-foot “display island” in the renovated kitchen of their...
Niches cut into the walnut wall display artwork. Sonos speakers recess into the ceiling, as do the window shades.
Ruth preps drinks at the Corian bar. Miscellaneous found chairs surround a Roy McMakin dining table.
Connected to the kitchen by a flight of stairs, the bar features cohesive custom fittings and furniture by Eginstill.
The wall beneath the stairs holds hidden storage, including an Enomatic wine dispenser and Sub-Zero refrigerated...
Inside, Paul often dispenses whiskey to friends from behind the rustic bar.
The wet bar at the end of the kitchen is equipped with a spout for filtered water, ice maker, wine fridge, and...
Sarti is only too happy to demonstrate one of his favorite inventions: a mobile kitchen-supply box/cocktail...