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Smart Sous-Vide Cooker


Sous-vide (“under vacuum”) cooking means setting meat and vegetables inside a sealed bag and placing the whole thing in a container of temperature-controlled water. When done correctly, the result is tender chicken and silky eggs. Besides bringing you closer to molecular gastronomy, it’s far more glamorous than a Crock Pot. Mellow’s sous-vide cooker takes the connectivity found in thermostats and smart alarms and uses it to make an autonomous cooking system that won’t burn down the house. Available for preorder, $400.

When you add ingredients, Mellow will sense the change in weight and prompt your phone through its app.
Input the ingredients, desired doneness, and time of completion, and it paces the temperature accordingly.
When set correctly, you can drop in salmon steaks for a dinner party, and set the device to have them done right after...
The machine keeps the water cool to refrigerate the ingredients until it’s time to begin cooking.
Because the Mellow connects via Wi-Fi, it can also take commands mid-cycle to extend or shorten the cooking time if...
Some sous-vide purists swear by using vacuum-sealed bags for the ingredients, but the Mellow doesn’t require them.

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