Collection by Jacqueline Leahy

Small-Scale Architecture Around the World


Philip Jodidio's new book visits innovative projects across the globe, investigating the ingenuity of small-scale design.

Philip Jodidio's new book, Small Architecture Now! (Taschen), collects innovative projects from architects all over the world. Including both lesser known figures and name architects, such as 2013 Prtizker Prize winner Toyo Ito, Jodidio profiles buildings that show how their architects met challenges such as tiny budgets in creating structures with lasting significance. The small projects featured, from dollhouses to vacation homes and disaster refugee shelters, are designed efficiently, and manage to meet real world contraints—even if their original purpose was fun or leisure. The book raises the question whether small architecture is responsible architecture, and therefore, the design model for the future.

The symbol-perforated aluminum facade of José Cadilhe's narrow House 77 in Portugal.
Haugen/Zohar's salvaged-wood Fireplace for Children, in Trondheim, Norway, serves as a sheltered place for storytelling.
Olson Kundig Architects' Delta Shelter, in Mazama, Washington, is a 1,000 square-foot steel box home with a 200...
Philip Jodidio's book Small Architecture Now! was released by TASCHEN publishing as part of their Architecture Now!...