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Simple Cabin Embraces Its Mountain Setting


Avid outdoors enthusiasts, a couple was looking to build a modest year-round retreat in Washington’s Cascade Mountains in order to make the most of the region’s vast network of hiking and cross-country skiing trails. But extreme weather conditions posed a challenge. Located in the Methow Valley near Winthrop, Washington, the area can reach thirty degrees below zero and experience three to four feet of snow in winter, and up to 110 degrees and dry conditions in summer. Balance Associates worked to create an 850-square-foot cabin with commanding views that's well-adapted to the region.

While it was tempting to embed the cabin into the hillside, Balance Associates sought a smarter solution.
The cabin is clad in clear-stained exterior-grade plywood that’s economical and blends in with the area’s foliage in...
Deep eaves prevent the entrance from being buried in snow.
The entrance is immediately flanked on its left by a mudroom for hiking gear and the bathroom.
The bedroom is to the immediate right of the entrance; the architects selected plywood for interior surfacing for the...
This neutral palette of the kitchen and living room allows the balcony’s vista to take center stage.
While the home is well insulated on all sides, the hearth can provide extra warmth when necessary.
Supported by steel strips, the balcony extends outwards to meet the valley below.
Balance Associates architect Tom Lenchek says the project’s success was enabled by a clear vision from the clients: the...
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