Collection by Sarah Roy


The New Home On the Block That Uses 90 Percent Less Energy
A Seattle engineer builds an energy-efficient house with an assist from a prototype smart-home system.
The exterior features vertical, untreated cedar panels.
A compact prefab vacation home in the seaside community of Onemana Beach is clad in plywood and vertical timber battens...
Different exterior finishes demarcate each section of the building; the client’s home is identified by rich ipe wood...
The architect covered the exterior in Pac-Clad, a metal roofing material, because it's "cost-effective, durable,...
New York natives Jerome and Jamie Pelayo moved west and settled into this 2,000 square-foot Los Angeles home decked out...
Architect Ben Waechter wrapped the upper floor of Nick Oakley’s house in inexpensive black corrugated steel.
The front entrance of the Farley Studio presents a clean, minimalist space—a stark contrast to the colorful clutter of...
The house is in a traditional area with strict building restrictions.

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