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Show Us How You Nest


In our latest contest, Show Us How You Nest, we asked to see how much better your home would look with a new Nest Learning Thermostat. Here are our favorite 20 entries.

Entry Nest We would love the nest in our entry/living room as a beautiful improvement to our ugly and problematic...
At Our House At our house, we love bold color, innovative art, design and music with a minimalist approach.
Paradise Nest The circular and chrome looking design would easily match the decor in my living room.
Amelie Approves While the best addition to our '59 Mid Century was our 9 month old, Amelie Ray, we thoroughly enjoyed...
The "Nunes" Nest We love mid century modern and danish modern and are slowly, but steadily refurnishing, painting, and...
Bird House...
Help, my nest needs a Nest!!!!!!!!! Hi, I'm Eva Warne from Boca Raton FL. I just turned 14 and I recently redesigned...
Complete My Nest, Please! We love our new home. Our biggest problem is the thermostats.
Daly Girl I was lying in bed with my wife & daughter on a rainy Saturday morning browsing the new Dwell and came...
Fourth Ward Loj I love my 750-square-foot loft.
Chicago Nest We just moved into this townhouse which has about 60 windows.
Keeping the right temperature for our new Baby My wife and I just had our first daughter.
The Nest Best Thing! They say you can't choose your relatives, but with Nest, we finally have a reason to disown our...
Hot dog We need a Nest thermostat because we adopted a poodle mix we call Pooka.
Temperature identity crisis! Sacramento is a city nestled in the California valley that experiences forty-degree...
Does it come in Orange?! I saw a Nest display at Lowe's and loved the idea and the design!! I've been in energy...
FISH FOOD This is a photo of my living room, fondly dubbed "the Aquarium".
Fitzgerald Dwelling This is the entrance to our dining area.
More art on our wall... The look a Nest thermostat gives a room can be thought of as a piece of art work.
Nesting in Belgium In Belgium it's raining most of the time.
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