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Shipping Container/ Unique Made Homes


A home with a shipping container addition is a part of this home's architecture.

7 Companies That Can Help You Make Your Eco-Pod
If you like the cozy, low maintenance joy of small space living, then you’ll probably find eco-pods very appealing.
A Film Producer’s Desert Retreat Is a Starburst of Shipping Containers
A previously unrealized design by Whitaker Studio will become a vacation home in Joshua Tree, each shipping container...
Cloverdale Residence
The site is a vineyard located above Cloverdale on a steep south slope overlooking the valley below.
Modern & Sexy in Troon North
Troon North sexy and modern soft contemporary in the gated community of Pinnacle Canyon.
Domino Effect: How a Bedroom Refresh Jump-Started a Whole-House Remodel For a Tech Exec
How a bedroom remodel jumped the threshold and infiltrated every room in the house.
This house is built on a five-acre former ranch property that dramatically slopes to an active creek.
Calling All Renovation Fanatics! 10 Garage Makeovers That Will Grab Your Attention
Want to build an extra bedroom for houseguests? A home office? An art studio? A new home? There are so many exciting things you...
Hi Steve! The Last House on Mullholand
Communication as a necessity for modern living.
Tree x Office
Tree x Office is an urban, open-air, co-working and community gathering space built around an American Linden tree in Boulder Colorado’s downtown Civic Area...
Mas de la Pyramide
Talk about a man cave. Lolo Mauron, a 92-year-old bachelor, has filled his den in the south of France with vintage cars and tools.
Islington Residence
The opportunity to build a 900-square-foot home on a constrained lot in London was a creative challenge for London architect Charles Thomson and designer Kate...
The Floating House
Floating House in...
Cutler Studio/Bunkhouse
Twelve-year-old Hannah Cutler worked mightily last year to design and build a tiny cabin on an island in Puget Sound with her father, architect Jim Cutler.
The Fleecydale Barn
Circa 1745 Stone Barn completely remodeled. I am fortunate to work in a part of the country that is packed with history.
Retirement Never Looked Better and More Sustainable
A couple’s retirement home on a nature preserve in Carmel, California, emerges as a series of eco-conscious pavilions that rest...
12 Shipping Container Homes That Challenge the Meaning of Shelter
Repurposed shipping containers have popped up all over the place in surprising ways—from homeless solutions in South Africa, to...
Solar Inspiration
A husband-and-wife architect team proves a house can be good for the environment—and look great too.
Discuss: What Would You Do With a Shipping Container?
We're asking our community to dream about how they would convert a shipping container.

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