Collection by Luke Hopping

Sebastian Scherer


Berlin-based designer Sebastian Scherer understands intuitively the intersection of form and function.

Aachen-born designer Sebastian Scherer embraced the value of less from a young age. “My first apartment was in Mies van der Rohe’s house,” he recalls, “so I started dealing with the principles of Bauhaus early.” After developing a passion for furniture design at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, where he studied under Karel Boonzaaijer and Jan Armgardt, Scherer relocated to Berlin and set up his own studio in 2010. Bearing the indelible mark of van der Rohe’s influence, his minimalist pieces toy with our perception of depth through clever use of light, color, and material. Comprised entirely of colored glass, his Isom series of hexagonal side tables appear to flatten with distance, evoking an isometric drawing of a cube. Functional yet strikingly visual, Scherer describes them as the “perfect combination of form and function.”

Sebastian Scherer's steel stand Tisch table.
Scherer's Isom series of tables are made entirely of colored glass.
The sleek Aluminum series table by Scherer.
Accompanying chair from Scherer's Aluminum series.
After graduating from the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Scherer established his own studio in Berlin in 2010.