Collection by Jordan Kushins

Scrap Wrap Bracelets


I've got a habit—a little hoard-y, but not necessarily bad—of buying craft-ish supplies with no concept of what I will do with them. A while back at the local Mission Fabric Outlet (which is a great, great place, if you're in SF and need a shop for textiles, odds and ends), I noticed a display of Ziploc baggies full of small leather scraps... for $2 each! Score. I bought one, brought it home, and stored it with the rest of my stuff. Same with this spool of aluminum wire. It just looked like something I'd want, sometime, so I made it mine and set it aside. It took some futzing around one night while my mom was in town, and we came up with the idea for this scrappy wrap bracelet. It's easy, and quick, and you can use any small strips of fabric (if leather's not your thing). Here's how!

The finished...
Cut the scraps into strips that are approximately one inch wide.
Stitch the ends of two pieces together.
When it's all stitched together, cut about three inches down the center of both ends of the very long strap.
Take the pliers and fold the end of the aluminum over until metal meets metal. You'll need a little hole.
Stick the one side of the end strap through the little hole, then tie a knot, then another.
Wrap the leather strap around the wire without overlapping.
Once you get about six inches or so, scrunch the hell out of it back towards the knot.
When you get to the end of the strap, cut the wire, fold it over, and tie a knot as you did with the other end.
Another view. Easy peasy! I like leaving a bit of the ends on the ties, but you can trim them as much as you want.