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Rosenberg Zuckerman Residence


The home is nestled along a contour of a natural bowl, with rocky terrain rising up around the east, north and west sides, and excellent views to the south.

Madrone posts and boulders from the site mark the entry.
Straw bale walls with buff-colored lime plaster and douglas fir posts, beams and trusses are left exposed adding visual...
The seamless integration of the indoors and outdoors - culminating in the corner doors that open the living room to the...
The upslope portion of the site is rugged - dry in summer and verdant in winter, and studded with stunted blue oaks.
A small guesthouse including a sauna and all mechanical systems is located parallel to the pool, screening the solar...
There are significant rock formations throughout the site, with clear evidence of volcanic activity.
The 25 meter lap pool stores water for fire protection, and is an integral part of the home's heating system.
The buildings follow the topography and capture passive solar heat in the winter months.