Collection by Zachary Edelson

Renovations of Century-Old Buildings


When architects say a building has "good bones," they aren't speaking in reference to any human anatomical lifespan. A well-made, well-maintained structure can be re-inhabited after well over a century of use (or disuse). The earliest of these five dates to 1899!

Long and low, the Ochre Barn began its life as a threshing barn in the 1850s.
"We really wanted to capture the ruinous quality of this old building rather than do something overtly new," Blee says.
The addition forms a horseshoe around a buried brick pit from the original gasworks building.
Margarita McGrath and Scott Oliver of Noroof Architects termed the 1,650-square-foot house in Greenpoint, Brooklyn,...
From the buzzing front yard the Gorman-Angelucci family (and a young friend) is always at it. Dean Angelucci tends the...