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Rehabilitación en San Andres


A top floor in a late nineteenth S, located one of the central streets of A Coruña, in conditions very unfavorable maintenance, on a shoestring budget but with total freedom and trust from the client to choose the solutions have us believe appropriate.
The house has the classic spatial configuration Gothic plot: story elongated, narrow, narrow, multi confined spaces;? We all wanted?: Quite the opposite.

We propose completely empty early on the floor, keeping only the main stairwell. We got so a single space open, broad, bounded along a strip that houses furniture-kitchen-toilet-cabinet-study, ie a longitudinal continuous running along the floor and containing all needs, freeing the volume and providing a spatial and visual continuity to housing.

The solutions adopted for the realization of the idea happen to be fully reversible. basically reinforcing beams that need with metallic elements, fir wood is used for the longitudinal strip and repair the core of stairs and is painted white, providing a necessary luminosity, both the stone walls and floors and ceilings, as it is also the cheapest option.

The result is a neutral volume, white, bright, airy, acting as a container for a small wooden box for communications and other longitudinal collecting the necessary elements to inhabit.

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