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Pulled by Mike Perry


Illustrator Mike Perry has long been a favorite at Dwell (just take a glance at his long list of contributions to the magazine). In his new book, Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing, Perry opens the page to other screen artists in this survey of more than 40 contemporary screen printers. Here, we take a peek inside 256-page coffee table topper, out next month.

The cover of Perry's new book, Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing.
The survey wouldn't be complete without samples of Perry's own work.
Each featured artist is introduced before a selection of his or her work is presented on the following pages.
The clips holding New Mystics, a 2008 poster by Scott Barry, gives the illusion of hung artwork throughout the catalog.
This Doombuddy was created by Aesthetic Apparatus, which Perry describes as "Minneapolis's best unknown design...
Here, an art print by Steven Harrington titled Balance, elements of which are quite similar to Perry's own work.
In stark contrast to Harrington or Perry's whimsical work are the photo-based prints of Marque and Anna Wolf.
Mimicking collage is Scott Massey's Make Ready 1, a five-color print made in 2009.
Tossing a little text into this print is Canadian illustrator Luke Ramsey.
There's little not to love about Gluekit's playful prints. Here, Bricks and Drips.

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