Promo Daily: João Canziani


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: João Canziani

Some of the most successful photography promos that come across our desks are those that are personal pieces of art, much like this series from João Canziani. This large fold-out promo depicts all ninety-nine portraits he photographed for his series "Ninetynine." This portrait series was created in a two-day period during a protest in Zucotti Park in New York City (where Canziani is based). Not all of the people are protesters, many of them just happened to be there observing. I was aware of this series prior to recieving the fold-out but am not sure whether it was via email or a blog or perhaps because João is one of our frequent photographers and he mentioned it to us. I only know details about the subject matter because I love this promo and I wanted to know more about it; it was a very successful tease and he drew me right to his site where it explains everything about it. The point is that yes—we do commission him often, and he still includes us on his list for sending promos to. We THANK YOU, João.

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