Collection by Julia Sabot

Promo Daily: Dwight Eschliman


Today's Photographer Promotional Piece We Love and Why: Dwight Eschliman

These four promos by the talented Dwight Eschliman found their way into my mailbox just a few days ago. They were nicely packaged together and a delight to go through. Everything works here. The subject matter, the background colors, the simplicity of the compositions—brilliant! This was an extremely well curated small promo package. Dwight chose images that are similar yet different enough to stand alone. I love that the solid background colors change from image to image. That really tied everything together. These promos left me wanting to see more of Dwight's recent work and led me straight to his website.

The latest promo package by Dwight Eschliman consisted of four beautiful postcards.
Still life of a mounted deer head.
Black on gray portrait of a bike.

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