Collection by Olivia Martin

Profile: Karabachian Design Office


The brother-sister duo behind Karabachian Design Office share how they make and locally produce their minimal, fun furniture designs.

Design runs in Grace and Sevak Karabachian’s, of Karabachian Design Office, family.
"Most of our furniture pieces are influenced by the toys my dad would build for us when we were younger.
In 2013, they obtained a business license in Pasadena, California, although they both are keeping their day jobs and...
For the Minster Adib Pacha (shown), walnut, glass, and enamel were used to create contrast.
A detail shot of the Adib Pacha highlights the easily accessible, glass-topped drawer.
Lumber is bought from a local company and furniture is constructed in the garage (shown).
This desk, built for Grace, was requested by other clients who admired it’s sleek and practical design.
A nine-foot solid walnut dining table (shown) was made for a couple that fell in love with Grace’s desk.
When we delivered [the table], my dad and I stood on top of the table to show him how strong it was.