Collection by Olivia Martin

Product Spotlight: Pyrolave Sinks


Global lava stone company Pyrolave recently debuted a new sink collection. These dramatic, circular sinks contrast with the angular lines typically found in the lavatory. The sinks are made from glazed and organic lava stone and come in 16 different color ways, both glossy and matte.

The designers sought to maximize lava stone’s natural shape through the circle design and contrasting textures. Their lava stone is pulled from an open-air quarry in the Nugere volcanic crater in Auvergne, France. From there, the stone is cut, processed, glazed, and fired at more than 1000 degrees Celsius. This results in a product that is heat, stain, acid and bleach resistant, perfect for a bathroom’s daily wear and tear.

Although the collection currently only consists of single sinks, Pyrolave hopes to expand into double sinks, as well as...
Pyrolave sink shown in citron vert.