Collection by Kate Santos

Primary Colors in Home Design


Stripping design to pure minimalism can mean exposing the elementary levels of color. Although decorating with primary colors can be a challenge, here are a few home designs that leave secondary colors behind for the better.

Taking cues from Piet Mondrian's iconic Broadway Boogie Woogie painting, architect and critic Joseph Giovannini recasts...
Sliding doors disguise the small Pullman kitchen.
To mirror the mountaintop, Wibowo drew three points at the top of the roof (one at the apex, two at intermediate...
When residents want privacy (from the outside world or from other family members), sliding curtains, like this one...
Sunlight streams through formerly boarded-up windows in the living area that was once Madame Wong’s stage.
Lewis descends a metal-tube set of stairs fabricated by a maker of ship’s ladders.
This London guesthouse's primary colored decor is centered around an abstract painting. Photo by Ben Anders.
A lofted sleeping pod offers a bit of privacy and helps maximize space. Beneath it is a zippy yellow bathroom.
“Stacey hopes that we can use this as a prototype for a development of artists’ studios someday—we talked about maybe...
Texas architect Jim Poteet helped Stacey Hill, who lives in a San Antonio artists’ community, wrangle an empty steel...

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