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IT House
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EPIC roof system:

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Sympatico Homes
OMNI Block:

Connect Homes:

"We talked about expanding the house out, but worried that the new space would be squeezed in, or mess with the...
Elsewhere in the room, which Esherick sited to maximize views, are Jean Prouvé Cité chairs.
The unusually tall shingles on the original house give it some of that Eastern feel, and Simonen, Parco, and Kaefer...
Paul cruises by Metropolitan pieces by B&B Italia in the living room of the main house.
The tearoom, reached by breezeways on either side, provides a transition from the main house to the pavilion, which...
The butterfly-roof pavilion by architects Kate Simonen, Benjamin Parco, and Phil Kaefer connects to the low-slung home...
The compact, hardy cabins were designed to work in a variety of park settings, including the beach.
The Wedge is among the new cabin designs that will eventually be integrated into California State Parks.
Connect 5 House Floor Plan: A Kitchen / B Dining Room / C Living Room / D Master Bedroom / E Bathroom / F Bedroom / G...
The kitchen, which sits at the center of the house, features recycled glass countertops, Ikea cabinets, and carbonized...
The deck offers views and a quiet spot for outdoor dining.
A 1,600-square-foot in-law unit in Sonoma, California, has two bedrooms and two baths for its 87-year-old resident,...
Krubiner (here, with girlfriend Kylie Gordon) furnished the house with finds from Craigslist and eBay, such as the...
Simpatico Homes founder Seth Krubiner has lived in the prefab company’s nearly net-zero prototype since it was...
New Kid on the Block Simpatico relies on the use of some site-built components, unusual in the prefab game.
Hog Wild Instead of taxing the taps, the home’s drought-tolerant garden can be watered with runoff from the roof.
All kitchen appliances, cupboards, and counters have been united in a single, self-contained island, designed in...
Alan Koch stands with Oleana in the north-side entry court.
A suspended fireplace by Fire Orb provides a shared hearth for friends and family to gather around.
The iT House is an exploration of the couple's architectural ideas, built with the help of friends over many weekends...
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