Collection by Aaron Britt

Poncelet Cheese Bar


Travelers who take their design as seriously as their food may well have a new stop to make when they swing through Spain: the new Poncelet Cheese Bar in Madrid. The multidisciplinary firm Gabriel Corchero Studio is responsible for the design, from the website to the chairs at the tables. A few highlights include the living green wall, a pair of Corian bars, and of course a custom cheese case. Check out the slideshow, marvel at the interior, and dream of manchego.

Two of my favorite elements of this very groovy interior are the faceted cheese case and a large, kaleidoscopic...
The communal table trend is still surging, and here is Poncelet's entry.
Upstairs is a kind of reading room that houses all manner of cheese and food tomes as well as lectures and discussions.
A clever bit of decor, and one that offers a bit of teashop charm, is this wall of plates.
Here's a view from inside the cheese case looking out into the space. Nothing like a cheese-eye view of the world.
Measuring in at over 300 square feet, the living wall is not just a stellar design move, it softens some of the...
The more public part of the first floor has a kind of gastro-bar feel.
This bar, made of Corian with chairs made of chestnut by Gabriel Corchero Studio, is near the front entrance.
I quite like that Corchero has paid as much attention to the bar's stationery as the interior.
Here's a bit of packaging design that reinforces the complete design experience that Poncelet works to create.
A handful of objects that no self-respecting cheese shop could do without.
Charming menus.