Collection by Tiffany Chu

Pinkcomma Gallery Welcomes Hometta


Showcasing the first fruits from Hometta's new design delivery model, "Welcome Hometta" brings to Boston 24 contemporary home designs from innovative firms across the country. One of these is over,under (also the heads behind pinkcomma gallery), a young jack-of-all-trades design studio that is helping Hometta redefine the space between prefab and not. I chatted with Mark Pasnik and Chris Grimley, two of the firm's principals and pinkcomma co-directors.

Three out of four principals at over,under (left to right): Roberto de Oliveira Castro, Chris Grimley, and Mark Pasnik.
The 2,439-sq-ft Crank House by over,under.
The exhibition titled 'Think Swim, Think Swiss' brings attention to the potential for urban river swimming that exists...
Another one of their residential projects, the Marina del Sur beach house in Guatemala, is currently finishing up...

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