Collection by Julia Sabot

Photography Focus: Promos of the Week


The photo team here at Dwell always appreciates a good photographer promotional. Some may think that promos, a marketing tool photographers use to give us a glimpse of their work, are not worth the time and money, but we would strongly disagree. Whether the design is simple or incredibly creative, we like to see what lands in our mailbox every day. Here are a few promos that caught our attention this week.

It is always nice to receive a personalized promo like this one here from Brian Stevens.
Robert Benson impressed us with this creative and fun promo.
Sending a little something extra along with the classic postcard promo always catches our eye.
This classic postcard promo from Damien Maloney is a great example of simplicity at its finest.
Carla Richmond clearly put time and thought into creating this promo.