Photographer Nicholas Alan Cope's Black and White L.A.


For the past seven years, Los Angeles based architecture photographer Nicholas Alan Cope has been capturing the striking modernist cityscape the City of Angels has to offer and recently assembled them all in a stunning new book, with a foreword by fashion designer Rick Owens, called Whitewash. What's so beautiful about Whitewash is its reliance on the stark abstraction and contrast of the structures to hold your intrigue without telling you what or where the building is—it really is just a surreal and amazing picture book. He does give clues as to the neighborhood, so perhaps some local Angelinos will know and choose to keep the mystery alive, so it remains all about the photography and not the location.

Nicholas Alan Cope's new book of Los Angeles modernist cityscapes, Whitewash, is a black and white arhitectural photography spectacular. Check out our selection of favorites from the pages. Whitewash sells for $65 and is published by powerHouse Books.