Collection by Aaron Britt

Paul Rudolph: NYC Expressway


One of New York's last large-scale urban planning initiatives, the Lower Manhattan Expressway, never came to pass. The massive transit system would have irevocably altered the face of New York City, but as an exercise in megastructure, it still manages to impress. Up at the Cooper Union, and put on in conjunction with the Drawing Center, Paul Rudolph: Lower Manhattan Expressway shows one of our great mid-century architects grappling with this massive bits of infrastructure. The show runs from October 1 through November 14th and shows nearly three dozen drawings, prints, and models from Rudolph's never built plans for the LME. Stop into the show if you can, but if you're like me (homebound in San Francisco) flip through this slideshow to get a sense of what Rudolph--famed in part for his New Haven, Connecticut, parking lot--had in mind for a highway.

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