Collection by Emma Janzen

Passive Materials Cool this Bright White Tropical Home


Concrete and granite fill a refreshingly minimal update in Coconut Grove, Florida.

When architect Sebastian Eilert was asked to renovate a 1960s-era single story residence in Coconut Grove, Florida, he wanted to respect the original structure and footprint of the building while updating the roofing and materials to be more climate appropriate and dependable. Though he didn’t pursue green building certification, many decisions were made with sustainability in mind, resulting in a finished product that’s energy-efficient and built to last.

The white 3,300-square-foot house pops from the surrounding tropical landscape with a strikingly minimal form.
The home's potential for outward expansion was limited, so new glass doors and windows were installed in a storefront...
A tumbled granite feature wall greets guests as they enter through the front of the house.
Passageways on either side of the enclosure create a clear view from the front entrance to the back of the house.
Untethered from the walls, the kitchen appears to float anchorless in the center of the room.
The bathrooms feature the same polished concrete flooring and poured concrete counters found elsewhere in the home.
White stained, salt treated blocks of concrete were installed in a symmetrical pattern throughout the backyard area...
A pool and outdoor shower fixture were added during the renovation.