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paper as a tool for reimagination

Scavenging Seattle streets for stray cardboard boxes is all part of the creative process for Graypants, whose Jupiter...
Lite-Brite Grows Up: Flatpack Paper Lamp
This flat-packed, laser-stitched lamp shade invites endless customizations.
This paper cat house is by Canada's Loyal Luxe.
Fuqua Paper Reef by NOIZ...
Spotty, a 1940 design created by artist Peter Murdoch, is constructed entirely of paper and was meant to be thrown out...
Artist Joyce Aysta showed a series of pop-up "Origami Architecture" cards featuring architectural landmarks and famous...
Wallpaper. Owen Jones. Block-printed paper. UK, c. 1860 (V&A: 8337).
Mia Pearlman, EDDY, 2008. Paper, India ink, paperclips, tacks and monofilament. Photograph by Jason Mandella.
Molded Poly Seats Made from Paper
Most modern furniture aficionados are loyal to the classic molded shell chairs, cast in brightly colored plastic and formed into...
Q&A with Paper Engineer Matt Shlian
Apophenia: the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.
A close-up of the resulting pendant, as seen in Dezeen's pop-up gallery in London.
Grace Hawthorne of Paper Punk led a weekend-long interactive exhibit in which attendees used pieces from her Urban Fold...
The plates come in three sizes, small, medium, and large.
Made from 100% post-consumer paper collected from local businesses, Vancouver-based firm Dear Human's Wallpapering...
Spot color printed balls of woodfree paper dangle kaleidoscopically above children with the Themis Mobile.
Grace Hawthorne, ReadyMade founder and Stanford d.School professor, invented Paper Punk to inspire hands-on creativity.
The Petra and Maya pendants made from Italian parchment by UK-based brand Foldability.

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