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Marking their first collaboration with another brand, Calico Wallpaper worked with Mast Brothers to create a line of...
Koike also designed these iconic packages for “Pit.”.
Maude Bussières's pencil packaging concept keeps extra materials to a minimum.
Korefe's Stop the Water While Using Me packaging is another example of a design that raises eco-consciousness.
VERDICT: "I don’t post a lot of packaging on Brand New, but this is beyond charming and, in terms of evolution,...
The new Cheer packaging (right) earned a seal of approval from the critics at Brand New.
Lettuce Container, created by Pratt Institute student Ali MacDonald for a Structural Packaging class.
Container was commissioned by Original & Mineral to come up with a new identity and packaging.
The Enkaja's open product cardboard packaging.
Uruku makeup...
Australian luxury skin care company Körner tapped the design team to create custom packaging for its bottles.
For cosmetics company CO/CO, Tatabi created the branding and packaging design.